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Empowered Health 


A health and weight loss group coaching container for the highly motivated committed individual who is

ready for change!

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Build unshakeable self-trust and master your mindset

You’re done with putting your health on the back burner. Life is ticking by and YOU know it's time to kick it into high gear. After trying everything under the sun, you want proven strategies & tools, a new mindset, and a supportive encouraging space that can ensure your success.

Imagine having the mentorship and solid strategies to…

  • Gain control of your health and release the weight your body no longer needs

  • Establish healthy habits and behaviours that move the needle forward quickly

  • Kick self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and bad habits to the curb

  • Confidently know what to eat without confusion and second-guessing

  • Build self-trust and confidence in mind and body

  • Awaken your inner power and become the best version of yourself

Empowered Health is a supportive and interactive space that will give you the practical & essential tools you need right now to reclaim your health and obtain FREEDOM!

…Freedom from your conditioned mind


…Freedom from your self-limiting beliefs and behaviours


…Freedom from being a slave to food


…Freedom from the excess weight!

THIS is true FREEDOM. Commit to mastering your mindset and awaken your inner power.

Empowered Health


Empowered Health is my exclusive health and weight loss group coaching membership.

You’re ready to commit, empower yourself… and finally release the weight!

This is your time to level up and change the trajectory of your life.

This is your time to truly transform your health - your life and become that future version of yourself you've always imagined.


Empowered Health gives you all the practical tools, strategies, and insights you need to stay accountable and achieve success. All the reprogramming work you need to overcome your conditioned mind to get you unstuck and moving towards your health goals. And all the support networks you need to feel motivated, capable, and connected.

Working with Beth has been amazing. Having support and guidance through incremental changes was huge. She has helped me take consistent baby steps in the right direction. I needed new tools because my old tools weren't working on my 40-year-old body after the immense stress of the past four years. I'm so pumped for the current direction of my health and wellness. I never imagined I'd feel this way!


With the help of Beth and the group I was able to learn a lot about self sabotage and how to kick those bad habits. She’s given me so many amazing tools to work with going forward and while I have a long road ahead of me, I know I’m going to get there with the amazing help that she's given me. Thanks Beth!


I am feeling better today than I have in years. Not only have I conquered the initial weight loss and gotten rid of the inflammation and the bloating and the water retention, but I also have a much better understanding about diet and what we should be eating, when we should be eating, why we should be eating. Beth has been an absolute gem to work with. She’s hilarious, she’s knowledgeable, she does her research and she brings a lot to the table. 



What People Are Saying

Empowered Health is your road to personal freedom.

Empowered Health will help you build rock-solid self-trust and confidence. You will awaken your inner power, uncomplicate your life, refocus your attention, and get you the results you so deserve. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to be free.

Does this sound like you?

  • You desire the kind of discipline that it takes to get healthy, lose the weight… but you keep falling victim to the old habits 

  • You recognize that being awake is a blessing and you’re ready to leverage this gift to transform your life

  • You want to be an example in this crazy world but you’re still stuck in your own bad habits and self doubt

  • You want to feel like a sovereign badass, independent from the system but feel limited by your current physical health, energy levels and extra weight.

  • You so badly want to level up and get healthier, but information overload is weighing you down

  • You desire simple solutions, practices and tools that will set you up for long term success

  • You crave to be surrounded by like-minds who share your same values and goals

Empowered Health is your space, community, and solution for transformative change.

We give you the guidance, strategies, and tools you need to master your mindset, get healthy, and lose weight along with other amazing humans who, like you, are committed to prioritizing their health.

Your Journey to Empowered Health


Free yourself from self limiting beliefs and behaviours that are holding your back. Commit to practices of reprogramming your mind, changing your conscious and unconscious thoughts.


Gain control of your habits, overeating, and addictions to sugar and carbs. Kick your habits to the curb. Gain inspiration with meal planning, meal inspiration, shopping lists, recipes and more!


Stay on track with consistent group coaching calls, strategies, tools, resources and live hot-seat coaching in a supportive, encouraging space with other amazing humans.

What To Expect

  • Live group coaching every other week 

  • Live workshops with health experts

  • Meal planning and meal inspiration

  • Live hot seat coaching every call - bring your questions and concerns

  • 24/7 accountability support in our private online community

  • Access to replays, resources like pdfs, checklists, and short videos you can draw from whenever you need (mindset hacks, recipes, shopping lists, meal inspiration)



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