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You can empower yourself. You CAN do it!

~ Beth

Former Self-Saboteur

I was an addict.
Addicted to eating, comfort foods, carbs, sugars, numbing my emotions, distractions, the 9-5 rat race, people-pleasing, modern comforts, societal norms, mediocrity and my conditioned mind. It was a slow and steady downward spiral over many years that came to a grinding halt in March 2019, when I finally started listening to my body and the physical symptoms it was putting out there.
Unlearning and deprogramming from my old conditioning led me to ditch the bullshit processed foods, the sugars and the refined carbs. I started consuming real whole foods and felt improvement within weeks. Within a year and a half I lost 60lbs and successfully kept it off - I've never felt better!
There isn't one area in my life that hasn't been affected in a positive way from my mental and physical transformation.
Through my own life experience, my health journey - losing 60lbs and completing Jason Christoff's Freedom from Self Sabotage coaching certification, I help people reprogram their conditioned minds to overcome their self limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours, empowering them to live their best lives - healthy, abundant and successful. 

I’m excited to help you take control of your life and become the badass person you were meant to be.

I’m a former government employee of 17 years in Human Resources, with a degree in Psychology and a lifelong passion to help others. Since 2019, I have been on a path of awakening, self discovery and growth. Focusing on nutrition, physical health, mindset and overall well-being. I’ve successfully shed 60lbs and proud to say I’m the healthiest I’ve been in my life. Through my health journey, I gained mental clarity and I've come to learn that we have ultimate control over our minds and bodies.

I reside in Ottawa, Canada with my husband and two sons (21 and 14 yrs). We're an active family and love mountain biking, skiing, snow-mobiling, throwing the ball... anything outdoors. I love daily nature walks with my dog Gus (aka "swamp donkey") and working out - challenging myself. Nothing beats the cottage in the Summer being on the water, sailing our Hobie Cat.

About Beth Blackmore

It's about progress, not perfection

As a former self saboteur, my own destructive behaviours included negative self-talk, people-pleasing, binge-drinking, watching tv, mainstream news and stuffing my feelings with food. I would suppress and stuff down feelings of guilt, shame and regret from life's past events with food.

My Health Journey

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